Duracell CR2 Photo Lithium Battery 3.0V

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Ÿ??Nominal Capacity: 750 mAh

Ÿ??Wide temperature usage range: -20 C ~ +60 C

Ÿ??Duracell ULTRA DL-CR2 Lithium Battery Cross Reference With - - DLCR2 CR2 KCR2 EL1CR2 DLCR2 DLCR2B RLCR2 KCR2 L1CR2 RLCR2-L 5046LC

Operating Temperature Range -20??C to 75??C (-4??F to 167??F)

For Use In Digital cameras (and other high-drain electronic devices), laser pointers, flashlights, medical instruments, electronic meters and tactical flashlights.

Product Minimum Shelf Life 7 Years