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28 Jul

Introducing Our Newest Flashlight LARRY LIGHTS

Our customers requested it and now we are pleased to be able to offer another fabulous functional worklight- The Larry Light! The lights have a devoted following of users.  Most say once you've tried a Larry Light you'll never reach for anything else again.  It's hands-free option and amazing brightness...

10 Apr

Helpful hints from our friends at Power-Sonic

    The Battery Bank has been proud to work with Power-Sonic for over 30 years.  They bring quality products to market in a timely fashion and we are proud to call them one of our premier partners. Below they offer some helpful tips on the care and maintenance of...

03 Mar

New EcoAdvanced Energizer Batteries

Battery Bank Staff Batteries, EcoAdvanced, Energizer, New

      New battery technologies are constantly evolving and coming to market and with these new technologies comes opportunities for end users to benefit.      One of the latest and most exciting is Energizer’s new EcoAdvanced AA and AAA alkaline batteries. These batteries create less need to mine virgin...