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07 Jun

Streamlight Replacement Battery

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Streamlight® Replacement BatteryThe headline on Streamlight® Inc.’s newest product release also includes this information: “Accepts ‘Dual Fuel’ Batteries.” That’s how important batteries are — they’re even in headlines.Streamlight is a leading provider of high-performance lighting and weapon light/laser sighting devices. That newest product is the lightweight, high lumen, ProTac 1L-1AA...

03 Mar

New EcoAdvanced Energizer Batteries

Battery Bank Staff Batteries, EcoAdvanced, Energizer, New

      New battery technologies are constantly evolving and coming to market and with these new technologies comes opportunities for end users to benefit.      One of the latest and most exciting is Energizer’s new EcoAdvanced AA and AAA alkaline batteries. These batteries create less need to mine virgin...