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10 Apr

Helpful hints from our friends at Power-Sonic



The Battery Bank has been proud to work with Power-Sonic for over 30 years.  They bring quality products to market in a timely fashion and we are proud to call them one of our premier partners.

Below they offer some helpful tips on the care and maintenance of SLA batteries:

How are your SLA batteries rated?

Our PS, PSH, and PSG-Series batteries are rated at the 20 hour rate. 

Our PG series long life batteries, in accordance with industry convention, are rated at the 10 hour rate. 

Our PRH Series are rated both Watts per Cell at 15 minutes and at the 20 hour rate.


Does over charging damage batteries?

As a result of too high a charge voltage excessive current will flow into the battery, after the battery has reached full charge.  This will cause decomposition of the water in the electrolyte and premature aging.  At high rates of overcharge a battery will progressively heat up.  As it gets hotter it will accept more current, heating up even further.  This is called thermal runaway and it can destroy a battery in as little as a few hours.